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Class Music

A majority of the music used in class is from the FatChanceBellyDance® music catalog 

In Level 1, you will be introduced & dancing to music from the Itneen & Tribal Dance Tribal Drums CD's.

In Level 2, in addition to the Level 1 songs which you are now familiar with, music from the Muse MelodicTribal Spirit CD's will be incorporated to your playlist to spice things up a bit.

In Level 3, music from the Raqset al Sajat and Spice Box CD's will be added to the Level 1 & Level 2 playlists. As a result, you will have a plethora of songs that you will feel comfortable dancing to.

Music from these 6 CD's will be played at our monthly Haflas to instill confidence & encourage you to get up and dance with others you may never have danced with before in a safe and familiar environment.

Halfa information will be posted in the student facebook group.

Finger Cymbals

In week 3 of Level 1 we begin our adventure with Finger Cymbals.  I personally prefer Saroyan Cymbals due to their high quality sound and material.  Truly made for the musician in every Belly Dancer. 

Here you will find the perfect finger cymbal for students from large finger cymbals with rich tones to small fairy like tinker zills for smaller hands and kids.

I feel selecting your finger cymbals is a personal choice in design and tone and I have many in my collection if you would like to test some before you buy, just ask!

Drills for your daily practice
with FatChanceBellyDance®

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